How can we help you?

I am in pain and looking for relief

You don’t have to live with back ache, joint pain, neck twinges or any sort of soft tissue body discomfort.

I have a sporting injury

Get relief from a tweaked muscle, strained ligament or any injury that is causing pain and holding you back from a sport you love.

I am looking to improve my health and wellness

We can help you lose weight, tone up, feel better, look better and become a stronger leaner version of yourself.

I would like to boost my sporting performance

Try our Chain Reflex training method for a tailored approach to achieving your performance goals.

What is Naprapathic?

Naprapathy is the health care specialty that treats connective tissue disorders. Symptoms of connective tissue disorders include back pain, neck pain, shoulder aches, muscle soreness and strains. Connective tissue disorders are associated with everyday activities as well as sports and occupational injuries.

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NECK-PAINFor years I suffered from neck, upper shoulder and lower back pain.  After years of living with pain and taking over the counter pain medicine.  I was  referred to Dr. Newman.  He helped alleviate all my pains.  I no longer take over the counter  medications.  With proper exercise and Naprapathic treatments I even dropped five strokes off my golf game!

Garry, Highland Park, IL