Fitness Programs at North Shore Naprapathic – Chicago

At North Shore Naprapathic, we offer fitness the way you want it – in a group setting or one-on-one.

What’s unique about group fitness at North Shore Naprapathic

Small group fitness is a great way to stay motivated and inject fun into your fitness routine. A strategy to develop groups based on similar fitness levels and goals can be beneficial to all. At North Shore Naprapathic, Dr. Daryl is intentional about the small groups he puts together. You want people who will push you to become stronger and the oversight to make sure you don’t push too far. As part of an overall wellness plan, you will find unprecedented success in reaching your goals.

Our Chicago North Shore Northbrook facility is fully equipped with all of the training tools available at any health club, the oversight of a doctor for every session, and the fundamental understanding of the body’s ability to strengthen and heal itself. Dr. Daryl is more than a fitness coach—he is a doctor whose mission is to inspire personal change through health and fitness.

Try a one-on-one fitness program designed for you and your goals.

Our unique Chain Reflex® training method is a multi-disciplinary wellness program in which every aspect is supervised by Dr. Daryl Newman. The customization of your fitness program doesn’t begin with a cookie cutter exercise regimen – it begins with you.

The Chain Reflex® system combines physical training, nutrition and naprapathy into a customized and flexible fitness strategy based on your specific goals. Chain Reflex® was built on a foundation of functional movement with a goal to help you move better and feel better.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Chain Reflex. Whether you want to make it through your normal day without pain, run a marathon, hit the golf ball farther, or if you need rehabilitation, Chain Reflex® will be highly effective in helping you reach beyond your goals.