Your First Visit

Your first visit is primarily an evaluation. We want to understand what pain you are experiencing, why it is happening (if you know), and how your body is compensating for it.

During the evaluation Dr. Daryl will ask you to move. He can recognize disconnections between the parts of the body that are supposed to work together just by observing typical, every day movements. If you are an athlete, he will want to know how your injury occurred and will analyze your movement and power generation.

By understanding how the parts of your body currently interact with each other, Dr. Daryl is better able to pinpoint activities that may continue to aggravate your condition and prolong the healing process.

You and Dr. Daryl will then discuss a treatment plan for you to heal quickly, feel better and get back to your normal activities.

Coordination with Your Doctor

Dr. Daryl’s naprapathic therapies are not intended to treat all conditions and are often used to complement the recommendations of other health care providers. To ensure the most comprehensive health care for you, Dr. Daryl maintains reciprocal relationships with other health care providers should you need one, and will coordinate with your current doctors at your request.

Some patients will use naprapathic treatments as a way of accelerating the effectiveness of other therapies. While your doctor is well-qualified to treat your symptoms (such as prescribing pain medication or a muscle relaxer) Dr. Daryl will work with you to get at the root of your pain which may have originated in a different part of your body.


The biggest complement you can give us is referring your family and friends. Referrals are what has built our practice, and we appreciate your trust in our approach. We invest 100% of our time and energy in delivering first-class services, value and results to build life-long relationships. We think the world of our patients, and it is nice to know the feeling is mutual.

At North Shore Naprapathic, Fitness and Wellness, Dr. Daryl has patients who come for naprapathic therapy to help a specific condition and continue on with personal training and wellness programs. He also has personal training clients who have experienced improved functional movement through the addition of naprapathic treatments.

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