Patient Testimonials

Try it before you knock it

What made you decide you wanted/needed to have a Naprapathic Treatment?
I have tried several chiropractic treatments without long term positive results.

What results have you seen since starting with us?
In just two visits, my pain level has improved greatly and my movements have been less painful on my back and neck, therefore giving better mobility without so much pain.

What do you like best about your Naprapath treatment?
The thorough treatment and explanations of how they work plus feeling better coming out than when I went in.

What do you like best about our services we offer?
So far there has been a variety of exercises and treatment to relieve my tension and pain on my neck and lower back, also focusing on my sciatica problem.

What keeps you motivated to do your home workable exercises?
Obviously, feeling better and maintaining a regimen that will keep me walking and doing everyday chores without so much pain and restriction.

How has working with us help control your aches and pains?
The treatments have released tension and muscle aches in my lower back and neck plus slowly removing the dull sciatica pain down my leg.

What are your long-term goals with health and fitness?
My long time goal is to reduce my pain levels to zero and doing the correct exercises that will keep me free of continued pains in my back and neck.

What healthy eating habits have you incorporated since you started working with us?

Trying to reduce my sugar intake and be more mindful of the foods that can cause inflammation systemically. Also, try to eat healthier meats and vegetables.

What lifestyle changes have you incorporated since you started working with us?
Exercise more, and incorporate weight bearing equipment to keep my osteopenia from turning into osteoporosis.

What other treatment or services have you tried, and did they help you?
Many different chiropractors over 15 years but did not get the long terms positive results I needed.

What would you say to someone on the fence about having a Naprapathic Treatment?
Try it before you knock it. It can really make a difference in your life, your disposition and your happiness.

Gladys K, Mt. Prospect, IL.

What a Lifesaver!

Dr. Newman has been a lifesaver for me. Due to my posture and a history of back issues, my shoulders and back tend to tie up in knots which leads to backaches and headaches. Dr. Newman is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to use manipulation and body mechanics to return my body to its proper positioning.I can feel the relief as the session goes on, and by the time I leave the office. I highly recommend him.

Sally L., Deerfield, IL

My Body is in Good Hands

For 4 years I was seeing physical therapist, podiatrist and chiropractors to help me with a foot and ankle injury.   I can honestly say I didn’t get any relief  and often felt worse.  Other injuries started to occur and I knew that I really needed help with my whole body (not just my foot/ankle)  I was exhausted running from all the “different’ professionals to help me and I just wished that I could find one person to guide me.   I am so thankful that I found Dr. Newman because he has been that person.  He is everything I have been looking for in 1 visit.  I don’t have to go to the chiropractor anymore because Dr. Newman can help with alignment issues, I don’t have to go to a physical therapist because Dr. Newman knows more about rehab than anyone I have worked with.  He can actually fit me for orthotics that help because he analyzes how I move with and without them.He does a great job of teaching you how to understand your body so you can help yourself.  He is very genuine about wanting to help you feel your best and takes the time to slowly progress you to new movements.  I feel very safe working with him and trust that my body is in good hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to understanding their body and wanting to move and feel better.

Lindsay G, Riverwoods, IL.

His commitment to excellence and his passion for helping is evident

A few weeks ago, while training for my 3rd ultra-marathon, I experienced back pain and was referred to Dr. Newman by my trainer.  Dr. Newman fixed my back in one session and quickly noticed my real problem is my feet.  I had major surgery on both feet in 2008 and now have 4 permanent screws in each foot.  Since then, even after extensive physical therapy, I have struggled with balance, permanent numbness and daily pain.  When Dr. Newman told me, “I can help you,” I appreciated his willingness to try, but I secretly thought any real improvement was a pipe dream.

Just a few weeks later, after a few more sessions with Dr. Newman, my feet are working so much better.  I can do things I haven’t been able to do in four years.  The pain has mitigated.  My balance has improved.

Dr. Newman’s techniques are gentle but effective.  His knowledge and training are extensive.  His professional perspective makes so much sense: when you look at the body, how each part functions impacts the whole.  Thus, no matter why you’re coming to him, he’s going to look at the bigger picture and fix the whole, not just the one part.

As a person, Dr. Newman is genuine and caring.  He gives you his undivided attention.  His commitment to excellence and his passion for helping is evident.  I am so grateful for everything he’s done for me.  It has made a big difference, not only in my training, but also in my daily life.

Susie P, Deerfield, IL.

It Worked for Me

As a professional myself in the medical field, I find it extremely hard to trust anyone to work on me.  However I would have to say that Dr. Newman has earned my complete trust.  As a martial artist, personal trainer and Physical Therapist, I constantly place my body under stress and for me to have Dr. Newman understand as well as being to apply protocol’s that allow me to continue to provide the service at the level I am accustomed too for my clients as well as my patient’s is important.  I truly would say as a doctor myself you can’t find a better Naprapath on the North Shore than Dr. Newman.

Dr. A Santiago, DPT, Chicago, IL

No More Medication

For years I suffered from neck, upper shoulder and lower back pain.  After years of living with pain and taking over the counter pain medicine.  I was  referred to Dr. Newman.  He helped alleviate all my pains.  I no longer take over the counter  medications.  With proper exercise and Naprapathic treatments I even dropped five strokes off my golf game! Thank you so much Dr. Newman.
Keep up the great work!

Garry, Highland Park, IL.

Pain Free & Greater Mobility

I was told after hip and knees surgery that I would have to live with my hip and knee pains.  I was given multiple pain medications and muscle relaxers and nothing helped.  A friend referred me to Dr. Newman and with Naprapathic treatments, custom fit orthotics, exercises to strengthen my weak muscles, I am now pain free and have greater mobility.
Thanks Doc!

Carolyn C., Deerfield,  IL

Kudos to Dr Newman

Dr. Newman has treated me weekly for over a year now.  During that time he has helped me tremendously in the areas of strength building, flexibility and balance.  Dr. Newman possesses the gift of sensitivity in his hands, finding every knotted muscle and alleviating the source of tension.  He offers a clear and uncomplicated explanation of how the muscles work and has helped me to understand my body’s tensions and what to do regarding them.  I look forward to my weekly visits with Dr. Newman knowing that no matter what I’ve done to my body all week long.  I will decidedly feel better after his treatment.  I can honestly say that Daryl is the only Doctor I look forward to seeing regularly.  Kudos to Dr. Newman; I am a lucky to have found you.

David S, Deerfield, IL

A Miracle

I am a nurse with many years of low back pain. I have tried many things to help the chronic pain over the years. At times this pain caused me to double up onto the floor and cry as the spasm was as intense as the worst labor pains I had ever felt, without the warning or crescendo.
This pain started in my 20’s and was on and off with me through my 40’s. I had seen many chiropractors over the years until I realized that even when I was in horrible pain, they could only straighten the other compensating back areas but were unable to touch the root of the problem. Needless to say this caused much angst and turmoil that was intensified during periods of stress in my own life. X-rays showed a congenital weakness in the vertebra and I had broken it as a teenager.
When I saw Dr. Newman for the first time, he said he could help me but it would take a while as there was much scar tissue in the area. I kept seeing him regularly for many weeks. There was an ache that I was quite used to but no spasms during this time.  I still was not happy with the ache and asked Dr. Newman how long this ache would be before it was gone completely.  He gave me a straight answer of up to 4 more weeks.  Well I got through the 4 weeks and now a number of years later, not only have no spasms but no ache since that time.
To me this is a miracle because this was over 20 years of chronic suffering that has finally been released! Looking back now to all the unnecessary medical tests I endured –X-rays, looking for kidney problems when there were none, considering surgery when I knew the poor outcomes of that… I am beyond thankful to Dr. Newman.

Andrea S, Gurnee, IL

I am Pain Free

Dr. Newman is a miracle worker.  I came in with an injury that occurred at work from a fall.  I was having excruciating pain and not able to use my right arm in a normal way.  After the first treatment I felt 50% better.  After the second treatment I felt 90% improvement.  After the third treatment I had no more pain.

Janis P, Glenview

My Severe Neck Pain Has Gone

I had been dealing with severe neck pain for several weeks before someone suggested I try Dr Daryl. I had already tried all the usual remedies – over the counter pain medication, hot compress, muscle rub, etc – but the pain got no better, and had reached the point where it was impossible to sleep well because of the sharp pain when turning over. I was reluctant to go to my physician because the only likely recommendation would have been stronger medication to mask the symptoms, or surgery. I was also very skeptical about chiropractors, and concerned that they might do more harm than good.

The treatment I received from Dr Daryl, a combination of exercise and muscle manipulation, resulted in complete removal of pain within 4-5 visits. I have had no recurrence in the few months since, in spite of the very vigorous weight training that I put myself through.

I found the whole experience easy, enjoyable, and (most importantly) very effective.

Tim F,  Lincolnshire,  IL

I Feel Amazing Again!

Wanted to say THANK YOU a million times over for my first training session yesterday. I felt AMAZING all day! Interestingly enough I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until after my session because only then did it become apparent that I had truly forgotten what “normal” felt like.

You truly have a gift when it comes to providing pain relief and I am so grateful to you for your help.

See you soon!

Karyn B, Lincolnshire, IL

Just what I needed!

Dr. Daryl is simply the best! Always fixes me up. A true expert in his field.

L.K., Long Grove, IL