Wellness Programs

At North Shore Naprapathic, Fitness and Wellness, our focus is on you as a whole person. All of the different aspects of your life and your personal journey make you unique. Dr. Daryl offers a set of equally unique techniques to help encourage your path to moving better and feeling better.

Dr. Daryl can customize an all-encompassing wellness program that will help you lose weight and have an improved understanding of your body. Through a combination of naprapathic care, therapeutic exercise, resistance training, metabolic conditioning and nutrition, he will tailor a program to help you achieve your specific goals.



Weightloss Programs

We can help you lose weight, tone up, feel better, look better and become a stronger leaner version of yourself >>More


Sports Nutrition

What you use to fuel your body is critical to your performance. Let us show you how a custom nutrition plan can help boost your game. >>More

prenatal fitness program northbrook chicago

Prenatal Program

Ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, prepare for delivery and help your body bounce back faster. >>More