Am I a good candidate for Naprapathy?

Chances are you are visiting our website because you are having some sort of pain issues. Pain-free, functional movement is critical to our well-being, and it is very likely that you will find our naprapathy services beneficial.

Here are a few questions to consider if you are not quite sure:

  • Are you uncomfortable with the thought of chiropractic manipulations?
  • Has your physical therapy ended and you are still not quite ready for the health club?
  • Do you wish your personal trainer knew more about your condition and had more of a medical background?
  • Do you wish that the effects of massage therapy lasted longer?
  • Are you experiencing aches and pains that you attribute to getting older?
  • Do you want to lose weight, increase your energy and feel better?

These are common questions and concerns expressed by our patients. If they apply to you as well, you don’t have to put off feeling better. Dr. Daryl has patients from all walks of life including

  • Adult Athletes
  • Youth Athletes
  • Pregnant Women
  • Dancers
  • Aging Adults
  • Men and women whose job requires lifting or twisting
  • Men and women whose job requires standing all day or sitting for long periods

If you want to feel better and move better, naprapathy can help. Please give us a call.